Practice Areas

Real Estate

  • Due diligence for legal risk identification.
  • Agreement drafting and negotiation.
  • Construction permit / utilization permit application.
  • Licensing matters including of hotel, factory, restaurant, spa, etc.
  • Manage conflict with contractor, nearby owner(s) and other potential conflict to the project.
  • Condominium juristic person registration.

Corporate & Commercial

  • Contract drafting/review.
  • Merger and acquisition including legal due diligence.
  • Company set up and registrations.
  • Foreign business license/certificate.
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Shareholding restructure.
  • Corporate secretarial service.
  • Regulatory compliance/licensing.

Tax Advisory Services

  • Transfer pricing documentation (Local file etc.).
  • Double taxation agreement related advisory services.
  • Corporate income tax advisory services.
  • Personal income tax advisory services.

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark registrations.
  • Copyright recordation.
  • Grant of intellectual property through franchise or licensing scheme.


  • Hiring.
  • Employment termination.
  • Employment transfer.
  • Employment related negotiation.
  • Employment litigation.


  • Civil case litigation.
  • Criminal case litigation.
  • Bankruptcy case litigation.
  • Family and juvenile case litigation.
  • Administrative case litigation.
  • Consumer case litigation.
  • Intellectual property and international trade case litigation.

Foreign Direct Investment

  • Advisory services on optimal legal form of business and registration of legal entities.
  • Arrange and structure relationship between investor and Thai partner.
  • Acquire foreign business license, foreign business certificate, and incentives from the Board of Investment (BoI) and/or Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT).
  • Acquire license in relation to the operation. For example, insurance license, transportation license, factory license, industrial standard certificate, food/drug production license, hotel license, etc.
  • Perform other necessary registrations for business operation such as value added tax, specific business tax, employer, employer/employee registration, E-commerce, direct market, etc.

Notarial Service

We have notarial service attorney who can certify authenticity of signature, correctness of corporate status and other Thai legal documents.